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Sonic Cat Pop Synth KONTAKT

Sonic Cat Pop Synth KONTAKT
Sonic Cat Pop Synth KONTAKT | 2.39 Gb
Pop Synth is the 80's retro pop sound synth for Kontakt. So we had recorded the JX-3P. We reinterpreted it as modern instrument, so Pop Synth is responsive to trend these days with analog sounds. You know sensibility of analog sound unlike digital sound. JX-3P makes a great vintage synth capable of creating some lush, classic analog sounds. You can enjoy Great Retro Sounds, which have contained awesome analog quality from Pop Synth. JX-3P is polyphonic synthesizer produced in 1983. But Pop Synth is reinterpretation, not restoration. We had recorded all key range at 24-bit, and captured sound originality by sample looping. Pop Synth is also instrument for playback of original JX-3P’s preset sounds. Pop Synth can play mood just like dual layer of JX-10 because can make new sounds by twin-engine. This is basic feature to mix two sound sample sources. Dial knobs on each engine can select sound source. Each engine have 32 sound sources. You can make various & rich sounds because this twin-engine system merge with easy to use GUI. You can mix or select only one to use two sound sources. Only one engine also will work by on/off button. If you use only one engine, then polyphony is down so will be saved more system resource. Features: - 80s retro pop sound synth - Recorded all key range of JX-3P at 24-bit - Reinterpreted analog sound as modern instrument - Innovate instrument structure by Twin-Engine system - Can easily make unique user sounds - Easy to use GUI - Low CPU & RAM usage - 312 .NKI Kontakt instrument presets for Kontakt 5.3+ - 1,951 samples - 24 bit / 44.1 kHz .NCW format samples - About 2.7 GB installed - Free Kontakt 5 Player is not compatible

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Sonic Cat Pop Synth KONTAKT
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22-09-2016, 02:28
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